About us

Marco Polo is an ocean freight forwarding company that has been focusing on Central Asia and the Middle East since 1997. Since then, services have expanded to specialize in Africa as well.


From its founding, Marco Polo was grown to become the leading ocean freight forwarder to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Marco Polo provides competitive services in auto and commercial transport. Due to customer demand, Marco Polo has opened international offices in Dubai (UAE) and Afghanistan (Mazar-e-Sharif) in order to ensure that our clients receive the most efficient services possible.



Marco Polo ships containers internationally and specializes in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. Our three international locations have a combined 20+ years of experience in the freight forwarding industry and are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of shipping and receiving.

Auto Specialists 

Marco Polo specializes in auto shipping and also offers vehicle dismantling services. Our company is capable of performing auto half cuts in addition to other requests.


Towing services are available across mainland USA and Hawaii.

Los Angeles, USA

15523 S. Main St., Gardena, California 90248, United States

Dubai, UAE

Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

Market-e-Mamad Omar Jan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan